I was having an extremely bad day that day. I had a sick cat; got locked out of my house; running late on my errands; late in the day and I still hadn’t eaten. So, I sat alone in a neighborhood restaurant. Adjacent to me was a family: a young mother, a young father, a 2 year old, and what looked like the baby’s grandmother. I was trying to unwind with a small meal before forging ahead with my day’s shopping chores. I gave my mother a call to tell her what a bad day I was having. She had gone to the casino and the connection between our cell phones wasn’t clear. I decided to check my Facebook and Twitter accounts. That 2 year old, though. She was crying the whole time! I was just about to write some snarky remark on Twitter and Facebook about parents who have screaming children in restaurants. Then the waitress brought me my check. As she put it on the table, she said, “It’s been taken care of.” I was like, WHAT?!?!? I sat there for a moment, stunned. Then I began to cry. An older lady at the next table gave me a smile and a nod. I turned around and it was the young mother of the screaming child. I just kept saying, “No! You don’t have to do this!” She just smiled and said, “It’s ok, just enjoy it.” I picked up the check and turned it over and this was written on the back in orange crayon: “This act of kindness is in honor of my friend Lauren Rouseau who was tragically killed last Friday in Newtown CT. We honored her today at her memorial.” I left the waitress a tip and rushed out of the restaurant with tears still in my eyes. The family was still in the parking lot. I thanked and blessed them over and over. There I was feeling sorry for myself for the bad day *I* was having. This young woman buried her young friend, as did a dozen other families. A lot of them buried children. Today, December 14, is the one year anniversary of that tragic day. Please hold the families and friends of all those lost that day in your prayers. Thank you for reading.